(ˈdɛkjʊərɪ )
noun plural -ries
(in ancient Rome) a body of ten men

Decuria Capital is an investment firm focused exclusively on ventures, tokens, and projects related to blockchain technology, digital currency, and crypto assets. We invest in the best entrepreneurs who are fostering innovation in the Blockchain economy.

We are a wide ranging team of individuals who can call on expertise in various fields including, but not limited to; finance, marketing, energy, utilities, renewable energy, software, IT, banking and sports betting. Decuria also provides consultations regarding cryptoassets, escrow management, community management, and more.

Drawing upon an extensive international network of influencers, thought leaders, and professionals in the cryptocurrency space, and firsthand subject matter expertise (SME) in Initial Coin Offerings (ICO) as both investors and advisor for token projects, Decuria seeks to provide unparalleled value for investor capital entering this dynamic and rapidly growing asset class.


developer community building

Decuria is partnered with entrepreneurial tech and hackerspace campuses, developer community groups, with team members also sitting on the committees of development conferences.

We have exposure to hundreds of the brightest and best indigenous tech start-ups where we have a platform to raise awareness of blockchain technologies and the innovative impact of these ideas on society within Ireland and the UK.

attracting new DApp projects

Decuria are partnered with muliple startup workspaces within the UK and Ireland, as well have exposure to identifying business startups which could consider integrating blockchain technology to provide solutions to their problems to.

Here we seek projects in our network in their infancy stage, looking at bringing these projects to relevant blockchain ecosystems.

early adopter clients in large industries

Decuria have helped expose several blockchain projects to top multinational companies through their team members and network.

Some examples include invitations to blockchain startups to pitch to a top global communications company, to networking to get top companies to sit on blockchain councils.


We have exposure to multinational companies where we have successfully partnered with large blockchain projects for nurturing valuable cloud and other partners for blockchain ecosystems, and high quality and reliable public chain node and block providers.

Our blockchain experts within our team and the large multinational companies, are always keen to speak with team in relation to innovative platforms.


investment ADVICE

We provide initial capital from an early stage to allow blockchain entrepreneurs and companies to drive their businesses to greatness.



We are committed to utilising our business network in and out of the blockchain space, to open doors for our portfolio companies.



Our experience allows us to give level headed advice and feedback on roadmaps and strategies, to help achieve maximum success.


influencer network

Our network of influencers have online groups, channels, and followings through social media. We also provide trusted support and education for those entering the blockchain space through our dedicated channels.


Patrick McGinley
Decuria Capital
Founder & CEO
James Calvert
Decuria Capital
Founder & CTO
John Semple
Decuria Capital
Managing Partner